Who is Khandaker Shahi


Hi, I am Khandaker Shahi! ๐Ÿ™‚

Let me tell you my story. I am a Diploma (4yrs) graduate and before even I have finished my graduation I have to look for jobs to support my family.

So I was looking for freelance jobs at UpWork (Odek) and did find a few jobs and suddenly found a job at my locality as an IT Manager. And thatโ€™s how my job life started.

After two other jobs, I found a job at a private university in 2014 and worked there for three years and nine months until I got sick. Yes, I got chronic stomach disease and finally I had to resign from work. Now I canโ€™t do office jobs.

As a first born, my parents, my wife and daughter were looking at my face, how are we going to survive? So I started to learn the basic web development course online and bought a laptop with my provident fund.

That is how my freelance life started. Gradually I started to learn domain, hosting, website building with WordPress and other cloud stuff. I was getting jobs, but earning was not sufficient to run the family well.

In 2019, while working with a Philippine Graphics designer, she introduced me to my current client and working with them still 2021. That was my turn around in my life.

Never dreamt of this life. Never thought some one far, far away from my place would trust me and allow me to work for him.

I built a florist web site template in WordPress and our client used it for a year and above.  In 2020, during the pandemic, my situation got worse with stomach disease and our company gradually built a custom web site for the florist and managed it centrally from the cloud.

Beside working with my company, I do work with another company that uses the same template in WordPress that I first built.

I often get sick and that is my current life. This is how my life is now moving on. I always trust my creator and I thanked him for showing me the right way to live for my situation.

I have learned lots of life lessons while working with various types of people around the world. One thing that is most important is to earn the trust of the clients.

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